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EYE-LEVEL PROMOTION THAT GRABS ATTENTION                                                         

A large-format poster at eye-level is a difficult thing for passing footfall to ignore – and if they see it, they’ll probably read what’s on it, whether that’s about your concert, your event or your sporting extravaganza!

But posters need to work whatever their size, and that’s down to how they hold the ink and how they take the light. Even the clearest and most effective design will fail in its job if the colours aren’t true, or if they overload the material (paper, foam board, or rigid PVC) they’re printed on.

At White Hart Press, we know what works for posters because we’ve been producing them for sports clubs, musical and cultural associations, companies, Councils, universities and many other organisations since 1987 – in all sizes, papers, materials and finishes, often to complement our leaflets and flyers.

Why print your posters through us?

This is why our customers tell us they won’t go anywhere else to have their posters printed:

  • Whatever the budget, it’ll look fantastic. With so many combinations of colour and finish on offer – full-colour or black and white, single-sided or double-sided, and all the permutations in between, plus our special coated papers – we’ll always find a fit with your budget but your design and your message will always stand out.
  • We print sizes others don’t. Standard A4 or A3 posters work well in many places, but unlike most other printers we also print large-format (up to A1) for when you really need to fill those walls!
  • We take quality control seriously. Once it’s in print and ‘out there’, it’s too late for corrections or adjustments – so our production team is constantly checking for issues, whether yours or ours, to ensure we catch them before your posters hit the streets.
  • Whenever you want them, wherever you want them. We make sure your posters are ready in good time, every time. But we take care of delivery too, shipping them in sturdy postal tubes in our own local delivery vehicles (at no charge) and via trusted delivery partners for longer distances.

Posters from design, to print, to delivery – fast!

We don’t just print – we can turn your ideas into a delivered poster from start to finish, too.

  • Design – From scratch or from an existing design, our team and their design partners will help you get exactly the look and message you want.

  • Deadline – Whatever your posters are promoting is not going to move – so we make sure we hit your deadline, and we’ll work shifts to do it.

  • Delivery – All part of the service. Free if you’re local (within 25 miles from Bedford), via our trusted delivery partners if you’re further afield.