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For planning applications and the like, those plan drawings are crucial – and we can print them for you, from an existing paper drawing (scan) or from an electronic file.

At White Hart Press, we offer the full range of plan scanning and printing services to get your drawings printed and ready for planning application submission.

Why print your plans and drawings through us?

Here are a few reasons why our plan printing customers prefer to work with us:

  • Multiple printing formats, including black, colour line and CAD, mean you can submit drawings in their planning authority’s preferred format.
  • Large-format scanning right up to A0 means even the largest plan drawings can be accommodated.
  • All-electronic service enables scans to be resized, saved to PDF and emailed, whilst old or folded plans can be electronically cleaned up.

Plan printing: from scanning, to print, to delivery – fast!

Whether you have an existing drawing, or a new one on file, we’ll deliver at every stage to make your printed plan is fit for purpose.

  • Scanning and printing – We can scan and print up to A0 size, as well as resize and clean up your drawings

  • Deadline – We know how urgent planning deadlines can be, so if we can, we’ll do it while you wait, and if we can’t, we’ll pull out all the stops to hit your deadline.

  • Delivery – We can email scans, resizes and clean-ups to you, but if you need physical delivery it’s free if you’re local (within 25 miles from Bedford), and via our trusted branded couriers if you’re further afield.