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Credit where credit’s due, quality writing – not printing – is the first thing most of us look for in a publication like a magazine that we take time to read at our leisure.

But before you even get to the reading, there’s only one way to make sure your organisation’s magazine gets noticed, picked up and shared in the first place – and that’s to print it so professionally it would hold its own on any newsstand!

At White Hart Press, eye-catching colour reproduction on high-quality papers comes as standard, but we also deliver bespoke finishes and covers to help really take your magazine’s appeal to the next level.

Why print your magazines through us?

Here are what our magazine print customers tell us we deliver that many other printers don’t:

  • Long- and short-run quality – We use FSC-certified papers, litho and digital printers to ensure that we deliver consistent quality and finish throughout both long and short print runs.
  • Brand integrity – Your magazine’s not just about your own branding – it’s about that of your partners, sponsors and advertisers too. We use the Pantone™ Matching System to accurately match spot colours every time, so your magazine will always be a faithful platform for your and others’ brand identity.
  • Finishes and finishing, your way – From custom inserts to bespoke advertising covers – plus UV spot-varnishing when you really need the artwork to create a stir – we’re geared up for every kind of special fit and finish you could possibly want for your magazine.
  • Environmental credentials – We know it’s important for you and your customers, partners and stakeholders to deal with suppliers who respect the environment. We use FSC-accredited paper and vegetable inks to ensure that a great magazine doesn’t come at an unacceptable environmental price.
  • Logistics – done! – The printing and the finishing are important, but who gets the magazines to your distribution centres? Answer: we do. Packed, boxed, banded, shipped, tracked (so you can follow them online) and delivered.

Magazines: from design, to print, to delivery – fast!

Whether your magazine’s hitting newsstands, letterboxes or desks, we can help you get it there quicker by taking care of every stage of its production.

  • Design – Our experienced design partners can deliver additional design capacity for special editions and supplements, or take some of the pressure off your existing designers, or design every issue from scratch every time!

  • Deadline – You hate making your readers wait, so we’ll work shifts and keep the presses rolling to make that distribution deadline.

  • Delivery – All part of the service. Free if you’re local (within 25 miles of Bedford), via our trusted branded couriers if you’re further afield.